Throughout my campaign, I have remained unwaivering in my postion on critical issues.  A strong and effective Sheriff is someone that can rally the troops; stands behind the independence of the Office of the Sheriff; is responsible to voters not politics; stands upon their own leadership abilities and trusts in the leadership of their team; and brings staff and the community together through accountability, transparency, honesty, and shared respect that is earned.  As Sheriff, having a clear vision and well-planned execution is essential, however most importantly do what you say you’re going to do or you will lose the respect of your people and the public.

Overview of Key Positions

School Safety: 

I believe schools should be empowered to decide how to best protect children in their own community. I will work together with parents and teachers to ensure that the responsibility for school safety remains under the control of those most affected: parents and teachers. I support Conceal and Carry solutions that may be an important part of a school safety program.  As Sheriff, I would publicly advocate for legislative action that would allow schools to have the option to allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in schools.

We Are Not Easy Victims!
Influx of crimes committed by criminals coming from outside Washington County.

There is a dramatic and concerning increase in the number of criminals coming here from surrounding counties to commit crimes. Strong action must be taken to address this threat. Tactics such as utilizing proven technologies and coordination with other law enforcement agencies are at the top of my list. Most importantly, criminals need to know Washington County law enforcement will relentlessly pursue, investigate, and apprehend them.  We are not easy victims!

Protecting and Supporting Constitutional Rights: 

It is the responsibility of Law Enforcement Officers and the Sheriff to uphold and enforce laws and to protect and defend the Constitution.  The Constitutional right which seems to be under attack the most is the individual right to keep and bear arms. I personally am a Lifetime Member of the NRA and as Sheriff would promise to defend all the Amendments of the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.  I believe individuals have the inherent right to defend themselves and their families.  Protecting the 2nd Amendment is a key component to ensuring individuals have an effective means of self-defense.  

Heroin/Opioid Epidemic: 

The heroin and opioid epidemic in getting worse.  Attacking this crisis through vigorous enforcement of current laws is the first step. As your Sheriff, I would implement strategies focused on the aggressive pursuit of investigations involving heroin by dealers and patrol intervention at the user level. I would assign personnel to one of the regional Drug Enforcement Task Force programs focused on the interruption of dealer networks in our area. As an advocate for effective education of youth on the dangers of drug abuse, I would also continue to support the D.A.R.E. Program. I believe drug intervention solutions must involve a combination of treatment and accountability.

Immigration Law:

I will cooperate with the Federal Government in their enforcement of immigration laws.

Mental Health Crisis: 

I believe it’s vital for law enforcement to exercise early and effective intervention strategies before a person reaches the point of mental health crisis and engages in criminal or violent criminal behavior. Law Enforcement can do a better job of working with existing mental health services.  As Sheriff, I would be in favor of creating a Crisis Intervention Task Force comprised of a core team of Sheriff’s Department personnel. This team would be offered advanced Crisis Intervention training, allowing them more effectively partner with experts and address situations of public safety involving persons in mental health crisis. 

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