Principles & Vision for the Future

of the Sheriff's Office

As an experienced Supervisor at the Sheriff’s Office, I consistently look for opportunities to make meaningful improvements in our organization. As testament to my contributions to improvement of this Office, I am honored to have received both a Sheriff’s Commendation and Acknowledgment for my efforts.  I would encourage employees and the public to come forward with their suggestions for short and long-range improvements.

My promise to the citizens of Washington County can be summarized in one statement: Your Sheriff Your Voice.


"My vision for the future of the Sheriff’s Office is to move to a Principles-based Organization with Associated Values. We already practice many of these principles and values, however it is time to take the next step forward. We need to be discussing and living these principles and values daily and integrating them into every aspect of this organization."



Sheriff’s Office employees are expected to stand up for the principles and values of this organization. We are expected to place the safety of others before our own. We are committed and willing to take swift action against evil, injustice and wrongdoing without hesitation.


The Sheriff’s Office must represent to the people a strong steadfast force, which citizens can rely on for protection, support, and aid. Openness on the part of the Sheriff’s Office provides the basis for continued public trust, confidence, and cooperation. We must ensure that only those with integrity are members of our organization.

Ethical Performance

Sheriff’s Office employees are put in a position of public trust. Our conduct must be within the law and we should set an example to others both on and off duty. The decisions we make while carrying out our duties can have profound implications for individuals and the entire community. When we stand up for our principles, reject corruption and our actions are lawful we live up to the ethical expectations the people expect and deserve.


Sheriff’s Office employees are given duties and powers, granted by the public, to protect and serve the community. Respect for every person, for life and for the dignity of all persons should serve as a basis for our decisions, actions and treatment of others.


Sheriff’s Office employees decisions, actions and attention must be fairly applied to all people without prejudice or bias. All employees should be held to the standard of being fair and just in their contacts with all people regardless of age, race, gender, creed, physical condition, economic status, or political views.


All members of the Sheriff’s Office, regardless of rank or position, are willing to accept the responsibility to be leaders when the situation requires it. We all accept the responsibility to be leaders within the organization and as members of the community. All members are responsible for the performance, reputation, morale and adherence to the principles and values of this Office.


Sheriff’s Office employees should recognize their functions are divided into several different areas. We should balance our efforts, based on the public’s requests, expectations, and trust. The residents of Washington County deserve a reasonable approach to the Offices deployment of personnel, resources, and efforts.

Associated Values:

  1. Prevention and Deterrence of Crime
  2. Apprehension of Offenders
  3. Recovery and Return of Property
  4. Responsiveness to the Community
  5. Community Policing
  6. Courtesy
  7. Openness of Operation
  8. Fiscal Responsibility


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